Cosmetic Dentistry

Fix your smile today, change your life forever!

  • Yellow teeth?
  • Tooth discoloration?
  • Not aesthetically pleasing fillings?
  • Shape alterations?

Whatever your dream for your smile, we are here to make it come true! Specialized dentists, the best materials and the most state-of-the-art laboratories are at your disposal.


The easiest and quickest non-invasive method for a brighter smile!
Either here at the Center, with the use of special lamps, or at home, or combining both methods, we offer you a personalized treatment with immediate and spectacular results.


You can radically change your smile in a single appointment! The method can be minimally invasive or not invasive at all. Immediately covers discolorations, gaps or dental asymmetries.

Changing fillings

Do you want to change your old, not aesthetically pleasing, black fillings? Our doctors ensure perfect and safe removal and replace them in the best possible way.
Any front teeth fillings ruining your smile? Come and see the spectacular difference in the hands of our experts.

Porcelain veneers to cover discolorations or fillings

For perfectionists who want nothing but absolute aesthetic results, our specialists suggest porcelain veneers. These are extremely thin porcelain surfaces that are glued onto the tooth. Although they are so thin, they become very resilient once they are attached, and last very long. According to the findings of international scientific research, they can last for 20 years and even function at 90 %!

Will I like the result?

Our materials and techniques guarantee excellent results! More importantly, our doctors are trained to understand which result you consider ideal. Everyone leaves with the smile of their dreams! Also, thanks to the mock-up technique, you can see what your mouth will look like, before we even start working on your teeth. The final result will already be known to both of us, since we will have created it together.