Pediatric dentistry

We start building towards healthy teeth in the very first years of our life. Unfortunately, as statistics indicate, many parents in Greece are not familiar with this.

In spite of awareness campaigns about the importance of correct oral hygiene for children (pedodontics), research shows that four out of five children do not brush their teeth daily, and four out of five teenagers aged 15 have at least 3 teeth with cavities.

As adults our children will have to visit the dentist many times and undergo treatments that could have been avoided had they started taking care of their teeth early on.


When should a child visit the pedodontist for the first time?

The sooner a child visits the pedodontist the better, even if the child has no problems with his/her teeth.

The pedodontist will check the condition of the teeth and recommend ways to prevent caries and any future orthodontic anomalies that may cause bad habits.

Also, as young children have insignificant dental problems, the visit to the dentist is usually limited to a general check, so the child becomes familiar with visiting the doctor. Thus, a relationship of trust is built between the two, which is decisive for the future.

Here at Dental Smile we aim to make children’s visit to the dentist as pleasant as possible. That is why we approach them with great care and sensitivity. What we want is to help our little patients and their parents understand how important oral health is and how to maintain it.


What treatments are available for children?

Here at Dental Smile we deal with great success with all kinds of serious root fractures caused by injury, prolonged stay of natal teeth or obstruction of tooth eruption. Sometimes we use we make composite resin fillings (Sealants) to prevent decay, and fluoridation to increase tooth resistance.

We all know that the best treatment is prevention, so we must “train” children, as well as their parents, to adopt proper eating habits and brush their teeth in such a way so as to keep them in an excellent condition.